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So You Want to Be a Sommelier?

12 Sep

       It’s been blistering hot in Houston, Texas.  We’ve endured a record shattering 45 days of 100+ degree temperatures this summer.  The humidity and sweat have put me in the mood for a new challenge -an air conditioned INDOOR challenge.  I want a challenge that will sate my soul experientially: a challenge that will help me forget that the second of our three kids just left for college and life is changing, with or without my consent.  I’m choosing to set my soccer mom, recovering lawyer and semi-professional do-gooder hats aside and pursue a personal dream.  I have decided to become a sommelier.

        I’ve been gathering information about sommelier programs for quite some time.  But I’ve chosen the beginning level International Sommelier Guild program which is offered through the continuing education department at the University of Houston.  I’m proud of myself for stepping out, excited about the adventure of it all and a little scared about re-entering the classroom (will I feel OLD?) and wondering if I can still ace the academics after using my brain in such a different way these years as a full time Mom.  As I wonder what it will all be like, I’m glad I finally decided to do this and am excited about the possibilities.  Since all news these days seems like bad news, feeling excited about the possibilities is more refreshing to me than a cool drenching rain falling on our parched Texas grass.

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