Sommelier 101 – The First Test

17 Nov

            This week we took our Fundamentals of Wine I test.  As I prepared for it, I was a little surprised by the amount of content.  Our book is 128 pages, which doesn’t seem like a lot.  And it’s not physics or calculus where the concepts are difficult to understand.  The focus of Fundamentals I is grapes, and we covered 18 of them.  What surprised me was how much rote memorization was required.    We only need a 60% to advance to Fundamentals II, but I made the decision that I really do need to go ahead and master the material if I’m serious about my goal to become a “wine expert”.

            The test was sixty multiple choice questions, followed by a blind tasting of one wine.  The tasting was for bonus points only.  Our instructor made sure that we were well prepared for the exam.  We had a helpful review session.  After it was over, I knew that I had done very well, but that I had probably missed a question or two.  Our instructor told us which wine we had tasted for the bonus and I felt proud that even though it was an easy one, that I’ve learned some things and got it right.  Everyone in our class passed.  Let the Fundamentals II party begin!


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