Rain For My Soul

16 Aug

            July 2012 was the warmest month in U.S. history.  Drought haunts the American bread basket states of Nebraska, Iowa and Kansas, their fertile farmlands parched and barren.  And while I in no way equate my relatively insignificant private struggles to these global events, the mental image of dry cracked earth resonates in my soul.  2012 has been a year juxtaposed between crisis and grace.  After four surgeries, a month in the hospital and eight weeks without solid food I’ve felt depleted and dry, caught in the tension between gratitude, impatience and a temptation to despair.  At the risk of being melodramatic, it’s been difficult for me to wait for full recovery and to fight the urge to lose perspective.  I’m a writer in my core.  But at my keyboard, my fingers freeze.  I just haven’t been able to compose the arid silence of my heart.

            But my sky has darkened.  The air grows heavy and a primal smell of earth foreshadows the rain that will dampen my soul.  I can feel the drops beginning to fall.  The worst is over.  I can feel life awakening.  The relief and the gratitude are overwhelming.

Photo by Tobias Helbig: http://planetgreen.discovery.com/tv/go-for-the-green/green-brain-climate-warming.html


One Response to “Rain For My Soul”

  1. Bill Lacy August 16, 2012 at 11:13 am #

    I have not heard from anyone but after receiving your mailing, I am wondering how you are doing.  I was under the impression that everything was ok, but now I am worried.  Please let us know and we pray everything is good with you.


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