Kris Bistro & Wine Lounge at LeNotre Culinary Institute in Houston

20 Aug

            My sweet husband, Jay, has been a big part of what helped me to finally emerge from my post-surgery funk.  Despite my listlessness and bouts of foul temper, he has systematically tried to plant seeds of joy in my life: opportunities for travel, culinary adventure, great wine and most of all, tenderness.  He is worth his weight in gold (and on his 6’4” frame, that’s a lot of gold), even when he drives me crazy.  Last week, he invited me out for a “surprise” lunch at Kris, the restaurant at Culinary Institute LeNotre in Houston.

            I loved the experience on so many levels.  As part of the Culinary Institute, part of Kris’ mission is to offer upcoming chefs a practicum in a real restaurant in addition to their culinary classroom training.  The décor is lovely, the menu and wine list interesting.  Our food was delicious, well prepared and the service attentive.  We found the pricing very attractive, as well.  Our three course meal, with wine, was $62.00.  Best of all, I enjoyed the chance to support enthusiastic students while enjoying a great meal.  So much so, that I asked Jay to take me back to Kris in a few weeks to enjoy their prix fixe menu for my birthday.  I love it that a portion of the prix fixe price goes to the Houston Food Bank.  I enjoyed our meal so much that my blogger hat “fell off” and I forgot to photograph dessert – opera cake (Layers of Almond Sponge Cake, Coffee Syrup, Ganache, Buttercream) and Caribbean Cremeux (Passion Fruit Cream,Raspberry Filling,Semi-Sweet Chocolate Mousse and Almond Biscuit).  What a treat!

2010 Simonnet-Febvre Millesime Chablis – fresh and crisp, with characteristic minerality. It paired beautifully with the food.

Butter Lettuce and Frisee Salad with what I believe was a Pernod Vinaigrette – Delicious

Pan Caramelized Diver Scallop, Spicy Summer Pepper Relish, Hummus Spread

Pan Roasted Local Gulf Snapper, Corn Encrusted Crab Cake, Black Bean Puree, Watercress Fume Blanc


2 Responses to “Kris Bistro & Wine Lounge at LeNotre Culinary Institute in Houston”

  1. Kristofer Jakob September 1, 2012 at 12:43 am #

    Dear Mrs. Barksdale,

    Out of all the reviews I have been given this one has been a pleasure to read.

    I do believe you have returned for dinner and sat at my large table.

    I love being apart of great experiences
    and having a career that allows for me to make some ones day through a good meal.

    Thank you Mr. Barksdale for bringing your lovely wife And inspiring her to write this wonderful post about the Bistro. Post like this mean a lot to me on several levels.

    It is an fine example of happy synergy.

    Hope to see you, your family, and friends again soon

    Kris Bistro &Wine Lounge

  2. Reese September 6, 2012 at 9:50 am #


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